Our Approach

Our tutors are very positive and energetic. We find that this attitude is catching. If the tutor is excited to teach and believes in the student, then the student will catch that enthusiasm and energy. At The Learning Ninjas, we love to see a child begin to blossom and gain confidence. If you instill a sense of confidence in a child and a reason to learn, they will rise to the challenge. We believe that each child is unique, and one plan or method of teaching does not fit all. Because of this, we do a special consultation before beginning tutoring. During the first session, we sit down together with the child and the parent to determine the student’s learning styles and goals. We believe that the best students are supported by a team, and for this reason, we encourage parental participation and classroom teacher input.

Meet the Founding Ninja

Courtney Snyder

Founding Ninja

Hello! The most important things that you can learn about me is that I am passionate about teaching, my son, and coffee. I have over 13 years of experience working in various teaching settings from public school to serving as the director of an afterschool program. I received my Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in Psychology from Thomas Edison State University and a Master’s Degree in Child and Adolescent Psychology at Southern New Hampshire University.

I have enjoyed working with many different types of students. In the past I have worked with children who struggled with behavioral disorders in inner city Washington, DC, both special education and regular education children in Loudoun County, VA and more currently non-English speakers at both an elementary school and an orphanage in South Korea. My experience also includes teaching ESL in the USA, EFL in South Korea and serving as the director for an after school academic program in inner-city Washington, DC.

Due to my professional interests, I have studied the psychology behind both teaching and learning and applied much of what I have learned to my classrooms and my tutoring sessions. I am particularly a fan of Psychologist Howard Garner’s theory of multiple intelligences and I strive to use various methods of instruction in order to allow me to meet the greatest number of learning styles in my classrooms.

Each child is unique and I take a special joy in working together with a child’s family, as well as other teachers, social works and other professionals to identify each child’s needs and help them to gain confidence and thrive. I see education as a team effort. Because of this, I strive to hire only tutors that are dedicated to this as well.

I consider my biggest strengths to be creativity, enthusiasm, the ability to encourage and patience. It is extremely rewarding to see a concept click for a child, or even calm and encourage a worried parent. You can be your child’s cheerleader and your child can succeed!

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