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Who is courtney snyder ELhardt?

Courtney Snyder Elhardt is a Child Development Specialist & Educational Coach with over 15 years of teaching experience, a Master's degree in Child and Adolescent Developmental Psychology, and graduate training in Clinical Mental Health. 

This unique combination of education and experience allows Courtney to tailor educational activities to the unique learning style of each student as she works with them to develop study skills and techniques to overcome emotional/social and psychological challenges to educational development.

Even as she made a career of teaching children how to read and write and do math, Courtney’s passion has always been to help children take control of all parts of their life to help them maximize their potential for growth. Whether a child is labeled by society as being gifted, having special needs, or simply distractible, Courtney has worked with such children and loves helping them bring out the best in themselves.

Not only does each child tutored by Courtney receive an individualized learning experience, parents will also receive regular updates and guidance on how to help their child grow in healthy ways academically, emotionally, and socially.

When Courtney is not teaching, she enjoys spending time with her family and relaxes by baking cupcakes and other tasty treats. A late afternoon walk through Virginia’s beautiful foliage helps her stay healthy in more ways than one.


About the learning ninjas


Personalized Lessons

The goal at The Learning Ninjas is to Knock out one academic challenge at a time. For some students, this is easy and all that they may need is some simple tutoring help. 

For others who may be learning differently due to executive functioning or other challenges, this may take special attention to identify what works the best. We treat each student as his or her own unique person. 

We have three goals when we work with each student:

  • Partner with each student and their support system to find the interventions and techniques that help him or her learn successfully

  • Help each student find their own joy in learning

  • Encourage each student to reach his or her own potential by identifying not just challenge areas, but also areas of strength 

The first step in tutoring is always a consultation. This allows assessment of the student's own unique needs and circumstances.